Native North Carolinian and proud alumna of North Carolina State University and Circle in the Square Theatre School. Now residing in New York, NY.

Height: 5”3'

Hair Color: Dirty Blond

Eyes Color: Blue


Location: New York, NY

About Me


Lucy and Choreographer   Bright Star                   Theatrefest                               Rachel Klem and Diane Petteway

Mary Jane Wilks              Big River                     Temple Theatre                         Gavan Pamer

Lilly St. Regis                   Annie                          Cape Fear Reginal Theatre        Robin Levine

Hermia                          Midsummer                  Uprising Theatre Company         Johnathan Draho and Carolanne Marano 

Swing/Elf/ Puppeteer      Rudolph                       Broadway Series South             Alen Coats

Detective                        Clue                           Temple Theatre                        Greta Zanstra 
Performer                        Fools & Follies Cabaret  Two-Way Street Theatre             Joanna Li and Greta Zanstra  

Lettie/Dance Captain       Somethings Afoot          NCSU Theatrefest                    Rachel Klem 

Ensemble/Dance Capt.    My Fair Lady                Temple Theatre                        Peggy Taphorn and Jacob Toth 

ASM                             Leonard Pelkey              Honest Pint Theatre Co.            Susannah Hough and David Henderson

University Theatre 

Velma Kelly                     Chicago                                   

Daria Chase                   The Game's Afoot                     

Martha                          A Piece of My Heart                    

Queen of Hearts             Alice in Wonderland                      


Aaron Cook Productions | Fix | 2012


Aaron Cook Productions| Place Like Home | 2013


Special Skills

Laughing sea gull call,Clown horn sound effect, blues clues bark, clogging, tap, basic east coast swing, Carolina shag, play tennis, volleyball, kayaking, cartwheels, splits, round-offs, snow ski, roller skate, operate a 4wheeler, operate a boat, shoot a rifle, down east accent, cockney accent and U.S Southern accent. 

Point in Time Productions | Stanhope | 2014


Production Company | Virginia Hospital Center | 2018



Hopscotch Music Festival Field Reporter | IndieZone.TV 

Training & Workshops

Circle in the Square Theatre School | Musical Theatre| 

North Carolina State University 

Acting- Ken Schatz, Allen Langdon, Jacqueline Jacobus ,John McIlwee, Rachel Klem 

Voice- Dr. Susan Durham Lozaw, Beth Falcone, Bob Marks

Speech- Elizabeth Loughran

Singing Interpretation- Sarah Lazarus

Physical Acting- Ken Schatz

Jazz and tap -Justin Boccitto, Inga Beck 

Classical Text - Sybil Lines 

Voice over- Melissa Leebaert

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