Diane Petteway’s solid musical direction makes for show-stopping moments. She and choreographer Morgan Piner take Texas swing to a boozy barroom in the raucous “Another Round,” 


Byron Woods- IndyWeek

"Hart and her fellow “merry murderesses,” most notably Velma Kelly (Morgan Piner), compete for headlines, sympathies, lawyers and favors, hoping to make it out ahead —and, of course, alive........The main actors and actresses all did excellently, but Piner,  playing Velma Kelly, a night club singer who murdered her sister and boyfriend for having an affair, really stole the show. Piner’s singing was divine, and she always stayed snarky, sexy and in character."


Katie Sanders - Technician

"One standout character for me was Daria Chase, played by Morgan Piner. Piner did an outstanding job forcing the audience to “love to hate” her. She was obnoxious and sassy in all the right places, allowing her character to not seem forced or overdone."-


Taylor Quinn- The Technician 


  • Broadway World - nomination Best Choreographer

  • Broadway World-  nomination Best Supporting Actress  

  • N.C State Performer of the Year

  • Bitzer Award

  • NCSU CMF Best Actress 

  • CMF Best Actress- National Nomination